7L International’s First Review on Clutch

Software development plays a crucial role for businesses in determining competitors and becoming more competitive in the market. Some of the key benefits of it are overall experience, productivity, accessibility, and more. 

As a business develops, the data and space it needs also increase. That’s why you need to have the best and understanding development team by your side. Fortunately, 7L International is here to help you to have the most suitable software for your business. Our team makes sure that our clients get the outcome they wanted.

As a digital transformation consultancy and engineering company located in New York City, our goal is to deliver fully integrated and one-of-a-kind business solutions tailored to your needs. We could proudly say that our technical knowledge and software development expertise are some of the best in the market.

Moreover, we are thrilled to announce that we have gained our first-ever review on our Clutch profile. It was from a creative agency where we worked alongside each other to revamp and relaunch a website. Our client’s customers wanted the site to reflect their core values and improve user experience. 

The new website pleased our client. During the engagement, our communication was seamless. We effortlessly answered any questions and addressed unexpected requests. Thanks to that, we were able to turn visions into reality.

“The team was extremely responsive and able to work flexibly when required. Our communications were kept mainly to emails which allowed us to make amends and continue development between our Zoom calls.” – Account Manager, Creative Agency

We are extremely stoked to have the opportunity to work with them on their project. It was a proud moment for us when everything ended successfully. Above all, we are grateful for their kind words. 

Aside from that, The Manifest recently included 7L International in their list of top software development companies in New York City, serving different entrepreneurs globally. As a B2B business platform, companies connect on The Manifest to seek the best service providers. You can visit their site to learn more about the latest and best leaders in the industry.

We’d love it if you contact us! You can go to our page and drop us a message. Let’s talk about your goals and business problems. We’ll be here to help you.