7L Presents a New Platform to Boost Remote Decision-Making in Zurich Securosys Conference

Create a secure framework that will enable your organization to streamline decision-making and automate the approval/verification process.

Zurich, Switzerland

September 29th, 2020

As a partner of Securosys and sponsor of the annual Securosys Developer Conference, 7L International had the opportunity to present the TSB / Approval Framework to Securosys stakeholders and partners.

“Participating in Securosys SUDC 2020 conference and receiving all this positive feedback was an amazing start for us to introduce our Secure Approvals Platform to the world.”

Aggelos Vlavianos, COO 7L International

The new solution provided by 7L, utilizes the Securosys “Transaction Security Broker” (TSB), in order to create a secure and UX-oriented environment. This environment enables decision makers to facilitate progress in a seamless manner, through remote working.

The TSB / Approval Framework solution can generate a secure environment for:

  • Secure Transactions
  • Access Authorization
  • Digital Democracy: Multi-user approval for organizations that demand a specified majority to authorize a request.

The new platform created by 7L is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing business systems, leading to a minimal learning curve and no compatibility issues.

For more details, please download the presentation.

About 7L International:

7L International, with presence in the EU, UK, and the USA, provides fully integrated, end-to-end business solutions, tailored to each customer’s needs and requirements.

The ability to deliver clean, reliable and user-friendly software solutions, constitutes 7L a business enabler, instead of a simple IT developer. Furthermore, 7L helps businesses overcome challenges and success barriers, by creating custom software solutions, which enables them to work efficiently and effectively.

7L’s development team is able to create a plethora of applications in an efficient manner, due to their unique skillset, unparalleled experience and versatility. These applications are inclusive of, but not limited to, Cybersecurity, Smart Buildings, IoT-Integrated Devices, E-commerce, Custom Integrations and AR/VR.

7L’s project management, UI/UX & development experience guarantees seamless integration of new technologies and systems development, assuring problem-free integration of solutions with a minimal learning curve for employees.

About Securosys:

Securosys SA, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is a market leader in cyber security, encryption, and in securing digital identities. Founded in 2014, Securosys secures the Swiss financial markets on behalf of the Swiss National Bank and protects transactions worth over 100 billion Euros every day. The company supplies more than half of the Tier 1 banks worldwide with hardware security modules developed and built in Switzerland.

Securosys offers a wide range of security network appliances focused on commercial applications. These include communication encryption and key generation and management. All products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland, free from contaminating influences.

Further information can be obtained directly from Securosys SA by e-mail at info@securosys.ch, by calling +41 44 552 31 00, or from its offices in Zürich, Munich, and Hong Kong.