About Us

Established Amidst Crisis

7L International set off as a small team of notoriously skilled developers trying to establish themselves amidst widespread failure caused by the Greek crisis.

Local Leadership

In fewer than five years, both local and global authority were established by materializing key projects to optimize sales of large e-commerce websites, automate and organize procurement processes of agricultural associations, and help other prestigious players of the Greek and US market catalyze growth. Additionally, a solid basis for global growth was set.

Global Presence

It was not long until the growing team of 7L International's experts started providing value to large global organizations, such as Traeger Grills, Spring Studios, and even the United Nations. The focus on providing end-to-end solutions that guarantee compatibility with both the organization's current business model and the future vision has led our team of developers to be perceived as one of the most consistent and reliable development teams out there.

Defining Best Practices on Market Trends

Our team is constantly setting new industry standards by being in the forefront of R&D, which is related to new technologies of software development. Through our Forefront Development Laboratories, 7L's experts proactively gain experience in everything from mobile application development and Machine Learning to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The unique development process of 7L International allows us to excel and provide our clients with the best outcome, on the agreed budget and time schedule.

Tap on Our Authority, Grow Safely.

7L International bears a complete inventory of technology tools, skills, and assets that allow us to design, plan, develop, deploy, and support while focusing strictly on project success. Our success metric is neither revenue nor client satisfaction, which can be achieved even against the client's long-term interests. Project success is the long-term sum of factors that fall in place to shape a solid, prosperous roadmap that will bring your organization a step closer to your grand strategy's vision. Welcome aboard.