Client Approach

Offering Value from the First Call

At your first video call with our Project Managers you will have the chance to communicate the challenges your company faces.

While many clients approach us with a pretty good picture of what their need is, it is important for us to thoroughly perceive the context. This will enable us to offer a truly end-to-end solution, while minimizing the disruption risk for your organization's processes.

The way a solution is implemented is as crucial as the solution itself.

Our project development experience guarantees seamless integration of new technologies and systems development, assuring problem-free integration for your organization.

We Define the Ultimate Problem

Together, we will define the "ultimate problem" of your business, the core feature that prevents your organization from grasping opportunities.

It is common that various obstacles arise within a business, after finding prosperous ground around a core, persistent problem.

By analyzing your business model, our Project Managers become able to suggest software solutions that will not only deal with the obstacles, but will tackle the ultimate problem.

Once we have analyzed the main challenges and ultimate problem of your organization, we will be able to suggest a specific solution, fully customized to your needs.

Suggesting an End-to-End Solution

7L International provides end-to-end (E2ES) solutions in order to guarantee project success and maximize the benefit for your business.

Besides developing the software itself, we also take care of its integration in your organization's operations. This guarantees that processes that are crucial for business functionality will not be affected or disrupted.

Our Project Managers will then suggest a well defined road-map that will specify the long-term and mid-term schedule of development.

Proposed solutions are inspired by the development of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) 7 Layer model, and as an agile business enabler we provide cutting edge technology solutions.

Transparent Project Development

Once we have analyzed the context and agreed on the optimal turnkey solution for your organization, we are ready to design and develop for success.

We guarantee project delivery in the agreed budget and timeline. This way, you will not have to worry about potential deadline extensions or unexpected costs which could harm your potential to grow.

While developing your custom software solution you will be able to be regularly informed about progress. Periodical meetings with the Project Manager will provide insights that will help you land the solution in the best way possible.

Project Success Achieved

Once the custom solution has been deployed and integrated in your business we take on the task of monitoring and managing its progress.

We provide 24/7 support to help you overcome any potential challenges related to technical issues and guide your employees on powering through the learning curve.

7L International remains present until your organization masters the new integration.