Framer & Supabase, supercharge your prototypes

One of the main differences between prototypes and real applications is usually the lack of a true database, most screens use mock data and only showcase a specific flow.

Now what would you say if I showed you another way, a more advanced way.

A way to bind prototype screens and functionalities with a real online database, and all that available in just a few lines of code, within your prototype editor and with minimal to no cost?

If your answer is a loud yes! Let me introduce you to Framer and Supabase our hosts for this journey.

Most design and prototyping tools today are just systems to paint your ideas on a canvas.

Framer is the only tool built on web technologies and gives you a truly interactive and realistic output in less time

The Open SourceFirebase Alternative

Create a backend in less than 2 minutes. Start your project with a Postgres Database, Authentication, instant APIs, realtime subscriptions and Storage.

Now that the introductions are made, let’s get into real fun part.


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  • Framer
  • PostgreSQL
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  • Supabae

Mike Dobekidis

Senior software engineer with a passion for games (playing and creating). I love the creative part of coding and I try to write about things that are exciting!