7L International introduces the newly founded department of Gaming!

We are aiming to create some hyper-casual games and adding modern features to classic and established games. Thus, offering the players with twists and variations that make already known games more fun and engaging.

Our experience with front-end development, UX techniques and mastery of back-end and server/cloud integrations allow us to offer cutting edge features into games (A/R, push notifications, multiplayer, live dynamic scoreboards, real time messaging etc).

Additionally, our vision includes an era of high gamification and opportunities in various aspects of software, that can make people smile and opens up worlds unexplored and full of adventures.

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Following are some internal sample games that we are having fun with 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

Snakes & Ladders

A classic turn based board game with a twist. The classic version of Snakes & Ladders or the “Arena” mode offer exciting moments to the players.

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Quizland Conquest

A game of strategy and knowledge! The players fight to capture as many points on the map as possible gathering gold and defeat their opponents.  

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Christmas Lights

Untangle the tree lights cords in order to light and decorate the Christmas tree! A Christmas puzzle game for any age.

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Crazy Eggs

The player needs to identify the correct egg after a number of fast-paced shuffles. A casual Easter game.

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Funny Bunny

A casual Easter game! The player’s hand-eye coordination is put to the test, capture all the eggs and don’t miss any!

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Rock Paper Scissors

A casual Facebook instant game for messenger, with multiplayer functions, a weekly bounty quest and more!

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