Globalization and emerging new technologies pose great challenges for the future of entrepreneurship. Existing industries need new sources of growth as global competition threatens the profitability.

7L International provides fully integrated end-to-end innovative business solutions. Thus, it allows industries to overcome their challenges and enhance their products & services by improving their operations and making better decisions.


Even though various healthcare systems across the globe are facing their own challenges, managing big data analytics and monitoring the health of segmented populations in real-time forces healthcare providers to identify new value-based operating models that will reduce overall expenditure, while improving patient experience.

Providing better services through healthcare informatics will help both healthcare and insurance providers to improve their cost control and quality of services, while increasing the security of sensitive data.

We have developed secure applications which allow doctors and other healthcare stakeholders to efficiently cooperate in managing healthcare services and sensitive data.

Suitable for

✓ HIPAA/HITECH Compliance
✓ Cryptography
✓ Next Generation UX
✓ Real Time Data
✓ Custom/3rd Party Integrations
✓ Service Reliability

Banking / Financial

Over the past decade, the banking and financial sectors have evolved in terms of operations and delivery of services.

There is a perpetual need to effectively utilize and manage big-data-level information through cloud and on-premises infrastructures and processes. In the same time, achieving a high level of security and privacy compliance puts disrupting pressure on financial institutions.

Furthermore, the ever-growing evolution of customer engagement, through the use of social media and mobile applications, has increased the burden of keeping up the pace with international consumer laws.

We evaluate these challenges, and has developed specific solutions that enable privacy and security compliance and efficient management and analysis of big data.

Suitable for

✓ High Performance
✓ Low Latency
✓ Cryptography
✓ Regulatory Compliance
✓ Service Reliability

Smart Buildings

Buildings are becoming smarter, interactive and data-driven as more devices are connected to them. This allows users to better analyze available information, achieve higher levels of comfort, maintenance and energy efficiency.

Traditional systems are typically designed for skilled engineers and facility managers. This creates an efficiency barrier for tenants and vastly limits experience potential.

We have extensive experience in the field of systems design and architecture. We develop supporting IT systems technology for buildings, which is designed and developed as a service.

Let us increase overall building efficiency for users, while guaranteeing higher security, business continuity and performance for your clients.

Suitable for

✓ IoT Integration
✓ Integration with Physical Security
✓ Big Data Analysis
✓ Workflow Automation
✓ Real Time Monitoring
✓ Frontdesk Services


The shipping industry is in the forefront of tectonic changes and challenges. Long-standing practices are disrupted by elevated global expectations, new technologies and a persistent need for lower shipping costs.

As a shipping provider modernizing your solution inventory through innovation seems like a constant challenge. New operations features, such as high throughput satellite communications, effective data analytics, greater autonomy and robotics, and secure methods of information sharing, are necessary to achieve above-average efficiency that will enable you to compete.

Digital technology advances will bring unprecedented commercial opportunities to retailers. Meanwhile, increased data transparency can significantly help decision makers to act faster and more accurately, to boost profit.

We continuously evaluates threats and opportunities arising for these challenges. Let us show you our range of specific solutions that will enable you to leverage digitalization to achieve the next step for your business, whether it is scaling, evolving or leading.

Suitable for

✓ Services Consolidation
✓ IoT Integration
✓ Big Data Analysis
✓ Next Generation UX
✓ End-to-End Integration
✓ Real Time Data


As the automotive industry evolves new challenges arise. The broader use of IoT technologies and connected devices emanates a new paradigm.

Automobiles will eventually become more interconnected and interactive through equipment and devices that will enhance driver and passenger experience with personalized conveniences and information.

As an automotive service provider you are likely facing challenges related to reducing costs and service time by better utilizing big data’s increasing role. By providing smart, personalized, data-driven automobile experiences you benefit from a future-proof business model.

We have tackled the challenges that a “connected vehicle” presents and offers a broad range of solutions that will support passengers and drivers in this challenging paradigm.

Suitable for

✓ Real-Time Data
✓ IoT Integration
✓ 5G Compatible
✓ Fueled by Big Data
✓ Personalized Experiences
✓ Future-Proof Operations


Hospitality and travel industries constitute key driving factors for many economies across the globe.

Emerging trends in technology, safety and security create interactive, personalized experiences that increase revenue and build loyalty, especially among tech-savvy millennials.

We provide a wide range of SaaS hospitality-specific technology solutions that guarantee the design and implementation of modern technologies, fully integrated in the back-end with existing systems, improving user experience through custom UIs.

Suitable for

✓ e-Commerce Solutions
✓ e-Reservation Systems
✓ Point of Sales
✓ Payment Services Integrations
✓ Custom Integrations
✓ High Performance

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