SCT-101 USB Module

Taking into consideration the increasing digital threat sophistication and the immense responsibility of protecting the privacy of thousands of users on a daily basis, SCT-101 acts as a necessity for:

  • Government Organizations
  • Large Enterprises

User Benefits

SCT-101 helps users combine the convenience of working from the most efficient and comfortable environment, with the security and peace-of-mind that comes with an integrated, digital safe net.

  • Work on your remote laptop or desktop.
  • Run the applications and access the sensitive files you need, without exposing any of them on the device.
  • The device boots the secure OS from the Encrypted USB Flash Drive, bypassing the device’s OS

Centralized Management & Protection

Benefit from unique encryption keys that are generated using a Securosys Primus HSM, specifically designed for encryption key generation, management and protection. Additionally, SCT-101 stores and manages the distribution of these keys.

Technical Features

7L SCT-101 Secure USB Module converts a laptop or desktop to
a secure laptop or desktop, respectively.

Security Features

The following security features guarantee that the device will be transformed into a full digital fortress.

USB Module

  • Block-level disk encryption
  • Secure OS loads directly from USB memory

Secure OS

  • Embedded firewall rules
  • Temporary user sessions

SCT Client

  • Encryption based on AES-256 algorithm
  • SSL/TLS-based custom security protocol
  • Hardware-generated keys (Securosys HSM)

Networking Features

  • TUN/TAP network interfaces
  • Internet protocol (IPv4 / IPv6)
  • Supports all communication interfaces
    (e.g. Ethernet, WiFi, 4G)

Management Tools

  • Key management through Securosys HSM

Recommended Platform

  • Intel x86 based desktop/laptop Min.
  • 2048 MB RAM
  • Network Interface
  • USB 2.0 Interface

Application Features

The connection flow is facilitated via the Secure OS, utilizing a Secure VPN Connection. The process is simple and straightforward:

  • On boot the user is requested a password in
    order to decrypt and load the system.
  • The user is asked for its login credentials.
  • Upon successful login:– Initially, the system enables the firewall, blocking effectively any direct connectivity to the outside world.– Secondly. the system runs certain sanity checks and uses the embedded User Authentication Key to connect to 7L’s Secure VPN Tunnel.– At last, when the connection is successfully established, the system allows the communication only through the VPN tunnel.

The user can connect to his Remote Workstation via 7L’s embedded Virtual desktop client. Gain access to a Windows Desktop with all the familiar windows applications (MS Office, Outlook, etc.) without the need to use a Windows Laptop, which can possibly expose:

  • Laptop’s saved documents and e-mails
  • Windows OS, which can be easily exploited

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