SCT-501 Secure Mobile

7L SCT Communication Suite Software uses state-of-the-art encryption with
key generation and management, through “Securosys HSM” and key storage on the 7L SCT-501 mobile phone.

SCT-501 provides fully encrypted

  • Video
  • Texting
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Data
  • Data-Sharing

for a range of professionals and organizations that highly value their privacy, such as:

  • Governments and Embassies
  • Corporations and Executives
  • VIPs

User-Friendly Experience

7L’s Secure Mobile Phone employs a user-friendly system that allows users to seamlessly navigate and use its secure communication features.

Hardened OS & Block-Level Encryption

The 7L SCT-501 equipped Secure Mobile Phone utilizes a hardened operating system based on Android AOSP, to guarantee maximum security.

All unnecessary and insecure apps are removed. Block level encryption is employed.

A Complete Secure Mobile Solution

The 7L solution consists of the Secure Mobile Core System, which includes the:

  • VPN Server,
  • Application Server,
  • Firewall and
  • HSMIt also includes the necessary communication and management systems along with the Secure Mobile Phone.

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