We offer a variety of services being an agile business enabler that provides fully integrated end-to-end business solutions, tailored to each customer’s needs & requirements, through high performance technological solutions consisting of secure custom software and premium infrastructures.

Mobile Applications

We develop high performance, tailor made mobile applications, designed for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms.

7L Mobile Apps excel in functionality and speed that emanates for the specific design, implementation and operation process that it offers.

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  • Next Generation UX
  • UX Focused Design
  • Custom Integrations
  • Augmented Reality
  • IoT-Integration

e-Commerce Software

We develop specialized and tailor-made solutions for organizing, building, promoting and managing all e-commerce operations.

Digital transformation is a necessary leap for every online retailer, especially in the post-COVID-19 era.

Take the leap with a partner that can land you safely on a seamless e-commerce experience.

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  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Prestashop
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Plugins Development
  • Migration Services
  • 24x7 Support & Maintenance

Custom Integrations

Are you struggling with organizing operations and bringing systems to interact in a productive way? We can be your bridge builders!

We can provide integration solutions that will mold your organization into a smooth, seamless productive line.

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  • Unified Business & Operation Experience
  • Productivity Boost
  • Wide range of Technologies
  • Architecture Consulting
  • Business Continuity
  • Scalability

Business Specific Software

Streamline operations through high performance, intuitive, tailor-made software, that is customized to your organization's needs.

Business-specific software is designed to increase productivity and competitiveness, guaranteeing interconnectivity and fast-response solutions for all platforms.

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  • End-to-End Integration
  • Next Generation UX
  • Optimize Operations
  • Industry Agnostic Software

Custom Security Solutions

We are a designer of industry-leading secure software and products.

Benefit from solutions that are developed to the highest classification level.

Protect your organization with government-level and enterprise-level security architecture.

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  • Cyber Tunnel Architecture
  • Hardware-Generated Encryption
  • Linux-Based Hardware Design
  • Cryptography
  • Client-Managed Administration
  • Full Control

Website Development

Back in the day your website used to be your company's "virtual representation." Today it might be the main, and sometimes the only interaction medium of your organization with the world.

We design and develop websites that are built for conversions and a smooth UX.

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  • Pixel Perfect Design
  • UI/UX Focused
  • High Performance
  • Lightweight
  • SEO & Crawl Friendly Architecture
  • Ultra Fast Page Load

Internet-of-Things Applications

The IoT revolution is creating a streamlined, highly efficient world. Smart homes, workspaces, vehicles and devices are becoming increasingly popular.

Receive, orchestrate and distribute complex datasets and integrations through custom IoT applications that will bring your organization to the 21st century.

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  • Secure IoT Platform
  • Scalable
  • Real Time Updates
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Architecture Consulting

Software Modernization

Let us upgrade your software with new functionalities and a user-friendly design.

Avoid the cost of implementing new software that will also come with a long learning curve. Increase employee productivity through new features without putting them through the stress and risk of re-learning.

We guarantee the design and implementation of the best available technologies, through extensive R&D.

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  • Productivity Boost
  • Future Proof Software
  • High ROI
  • Minimal Learning Curve
  • Risk Averse Strategic Planning
  • Risk Elimination of old non maintainable Software

Quality Assurance

Having accumulated more than 15 years of experience in software development and testing, 7L International has developed high-efficiency QA Services including automated UI/UX and full end-to-end testing.

Our QA Services offer value through:
↣ Automated UI/UX testing for Mobile and Web
↣ Automated API testing
↣ Full end-to-end automated testing scenarios:
    - Invoke the backend and the frontend from the same testing framework with a single test file definition.
    - Simulate complex user behaviors that can be reproduced over and over with no QA engineer interaction.

↣ Production QA:
    - Continuous monitoring of Production Systems
    - Performance and UX monitoring
    - Capacity planning and load testing

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Our main tech stack includes

  • TestProject and Apium for Automated Mobile Testing
  • Selenium and Cypress for Automated Web Testing
  • Robot Framework for Automated Backend and Frontend Testing
  • TestRail and Jira for Test Cases Management


DevSecOps solutions tailored made for
↣ Security focused software development companies
↣ Startups
↣ Organizations with Auditing & Compliance Requirements

We onboard teams and leadership to the DevSecOps mindset by transferring our acquired knowledge of secure software handling and delivery.

Advising you and your engineers on applying DevSecOps best practises in a standardized way across your organization.

Our solutions are
↣ Non disruptive
↣ Integrated with Gitlab CI/CD, CircleCI, and Github Actions among others.
↣ Based on proven and established technologies
↣ Providing solutions for each aspect of the DevSecOps pipeline

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  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Federated resource access
  • Secure Code management
  • Secure Artifact delivery
  • Customer Supply Chain attestation
  • Full CI/CD integration