IPFS Development

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a peer to peer, version controlled, content-addressed file system. It makes use of Computer Science concepts like Distributed Hash Table, BitSwap, MerkleDag.

Using the IPFS protocol and the whole libp2p stack we can create for you custom decentralized solutions. We can deploy them on existing IPFS nodes or provision your own private IPFS network of nodes for your private data.

Advantages of IPFS:

  • The storage system is completely decentralized.
  • The network is built in order to be highly scalable.
  • The network can withstand denial of service attacks among others because it is fully decentralized. In this way, timely access to information is guaranteed at all times.
  • It is extensible, which allows anyone to adapt new functions without major problems. For example, privacy modules, connection to TOR, I2P, among others, can be added.

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