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Augment the Reality for your E-Shop Visitors

Want to stand out from your competition? Give E-Shop visitors the best experience by providing them the ability to visualize your products, in their space, in real-time, by using their smartphone or tablet.


Augmented Reality used for eCommerce greatly enhances the customer experience leading to a significant increase in conversions.
  • 94% higher conversion rate – Visitors, able to visualize the products in their space, increase greatly their willingness to buy, since they feel more confident seeing how the product fits in their space.
  • By 2025, 75% of social app users will be AR users – Today’s technology enables an enhanced and easy user experience using the everyday smartphone or tablet.
  • Today, 100 million consumers use AR or 3D – People, familiar with smartphones and tablets, easily use them to help them with purchasing decisions.


How it works on your E-Shop

Our Augmented Reality technology integrates seamlessly with your existing E-Shop.
  • AR Button – a simple button on your product page, that enables visitors to see products in 3D or in AR mode in their own space.
  • Selecting the AR Button – the AR App (both iOS and Android) will scale the item correctly in their space.
  • Limitless Items – visitors can add as many items as they like to visualize them together.
  • Order as Usual – visitors complete their purchase as they normally would on your E-Shop.

What’s included

Special Promo for early adopters:

  • Monthly license – Everything is included in the price. Upload up to 10,000 products, and up to 10,000 AR views, with no hidden support, maintenance, or hosting fees.
  • Seamless Integration – Our developers will integrate the AR functionality into your existing E-Shop without additional costs.
  • Interior Designers Marketplace – Releasing in 2023, our Interior Designers Marketplace will be another sales channel for your business. This license will be included for free under this promo.
  • Enhanced & Seamless Ordering Flow – Your visitors can place the items in their cart and follow your existing ordering process. The integration of AR functionality in your E-Shop is seamless for your operations.
  • Automatic 3D model conversion – Our platform automatically converts the 3D model depending on the mobile platform used (iOS or Android) for the optimal end-user experience.

Going live in 4 guided steps

4 easy and guided and supported steps after you buy.

  1. Coordination Call – A video call bringing together our experts and your E-Shop developers.
  2. Integration – Our developers integrate the AR functionality and test it.
  3. Go Live! – Once tested and approved go live on your E-Shop.
  4. 3D Models Upload –Upload 3D models the same way you upload your product pictures. All products that are 3D enabled will also be AR-enabled.

Our team is ready throughout the implementation to provide guided assistance.

Demo Website

Download the AR Shopper App on your mobile or tablet device and select the “View in AR” button.

Bradford West


View in AR

Bed obscure


View in AR

Zip Counter Chair White


View in AR

Floor Lamp


View in AR

Modern Floor Lamp


View in AR

TV Stand Furniture


View in AR

Swan Chair


View in AR

Chair & relax


View in AR

I’m genuinely impressed by AR Shopper’s capabilities. During my trial, my online orders doubled!

William Royson

5-star E-Store AR Platform to amaze your clients!

Ryan James
Store Owner

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