Merchant Advantage

We optimize your WooCommerce Website with a guaranteed 90+ PageSpeed score!

40% of non-returning visitors have abandoned a website entirely because it took them more than 3 seconds to load. A slow website affects negatively brand reputation and sales!

Get the fastest, most secure, and most professional WooCommerce Website to instantly boost your sales!

Merchant Advantage Solution is the easiest and most efficient way to optimize your e-commerce website.


Having worked with the biggest organizations and brands, all over the world, we developed a unique methodology that guarantees a stellar website loading speed!

Thanks to our world-class expertise, we offer WordPress reliability and usability with unparalleled loading speeds, security, and pre-defined or fully custom design.

Suitable for

✓ Merchants with a WooCommerce Website
✓ Agencies or freelancers with a WooCommerce Client Portfolio
✓ Marketing Teams that pursue the highest possible ROI

Our 4-step onboarding process

1. Test your WooCommerce Website

Check your WooCommerce Website PageSpeed Performance with our free calculator.

2. Submit your Email

If your WooCommerce Website PageSpeed Score is below 90/100 fill in your email. Soon one of our experts will get back to initiate your onboarding process. The onboarding includes a free technology assessment and project plan by a dedicated account manager.

3. Receive a Tailored Proposal

Our dedicated account manager will be sending you a proposal tailored to your business needs and budget.

4. Fast Track Optimization

Once you approve the project plan, we instantly initiate the optimization of your WooCommerce website.  Enjoy your fully optimized website within 1 month.