Security Solutions


SCT-101 is a secure USB module accompanied by an SCT Client and a Secure OS.

Work Anywhere, on any Device, while keeping sensitive e-mails, documents, data and applications secured at your HQ.

Work Safely, work efficiently by using SCT-101.

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  • HQ Connection
  • Immune to Device Vulnerabilities
  • Secure Environment
  • Centralized Management & Protection
  • AES-256 Algorithm Encryption
  • Hardware-Generated Keys


Protect confidential communication through a Secure Mobile OS with SCT Client.

7L SCT Communication Suite Software uses state-of-the-art encryption with key generation and management, through “Securosys HSM” and key storage on the 7L SCT-501 mobile phone.

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  • Voice
  • Chat
  • Data
  • File-Sharing
  • Video
  • Texting


Use SCT-801 is a gadget that functions as a portable encryptor.

It establishes secure connections through the Secure 7L VPN.

Secure connections can be established between various types of sensitive devices, through 3G, 4G and WiFi.

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Security Features

  • Block-Level Disk Encryption
  • Loads in Memory
  • Embedded Rules in Secure Firewall
  • AES-256 Algorithm Encryption
  • SSL/TLS Custom Security Protocol
  • Hardware-Generated Keys

TSB / Approval Framework

The Transaction Security Broker (TSB) / Approval Framework solution enables you to protect financial and digital assets through an end-to-end transaction security system.

Easily integrate an Approval Workflow to your existing business and financial services.

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  • Digital Democracy
  • Financial Transaction Requests
  • Digital Signatures
  • Access Authorization