An Optimized & Mentored 5-Phase Technology Execution Acceleration Program for Startups

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Reduce Risks and Time to Market, Accelerate Technology Execution, pick the right battles at the right time using 7L’s Experience in building Technologies in a Mentored Program.

What’s included

A combination of services that guarantees optimal and accelerated technical execution for your startup.

Virtual CTO or CTO Consulting

We offer consultation to your CTO or we do the CTO work for your Startup offering a peace of mind experience on technical execution.

Managed teams of Dev, UX & Marketing

Access experienced teams to work effectively on UX & UI, Development, Branding & Marketing, focused on your roadmap.

1:1 Focused Weekly Mentoring

Intensive mentoring that glues all together, helping you being laser focused and navigate your Startup towards success.

Join our Startup Program

We reduce the risks, we help you Navigate and Execute.

We eliminate effectively most of the reasons Startups fail.

Cash & Resource Efficiencies

Our procedures, tools and structure run on an efficient schedule to guarantee swift and on-time execution.

Product-Market Fit Assurance

Our Program validates & makes adjustments for the Product-Market Fit Phase at a fraction of the cost and time to help you address the Market challenges swiftly.

Beat the Competition

Use our ample and experienced resources as you build your team, without the risk to be outcompeted.

Fortify your Business Model

Our abilities and experience in various industries and also our mentoring will help you build the right dynamics around your product.

Focus on what matters

Founders need to remain focused on what matters most: (A) Product Design, (B) Product-Market Fit and (C) Business Model. Our Program combines Technical Expertise and Mentoring to Accelerate your Startup and help you Navigate towards success.

Navigate Safely towards success avoiding near or far sighted threats.


Receive Resourceful Mentoring and guidance on what matters most.

Accelerate Execution and TTM using Tools, Frameworks and Integrations.


1-1 weekly meetings that will help you obtain a panoramic view and clarity on the following 4 areas founders need to be laser-focused on.

Product Design

Your users either they’ll like your product, or not. Is very simple. But a lot complex too.

Product-Market Fit

Maybe the most important and it needs to be secured properly before going deeper into the game.

Business Model

What’s the balance between growing and profitability? Who else can benefit from our offerings?

Scalability & Partnerships

Are our clients the only ones who we can sell to? Maybe we can increase the pie for others too? What about Network Effects?

IDEA PHASE: Exploring Idea & Product-Market Fit

The easiest and fastest way to start realizing the Startup Idea that you have so you can start working on it, is by using Mockups and Interactive Wireframes. Interactive Wireframes will give you a more realistic perspective on your idea and will give you the opportunity to present the idea to potential investors but also start validating the idea to potential users.

  • Input: Your Idea
  • Deliverables: Interactive Wireframes that show the functionality and usefulness of your idea.
  • Importance: Visualize the concept and reveal and handle any edge cases early.
  • Estimated Duration: 1-2 weeks
  • For companies on the Idea stage

PoC PHASE: Proof of Concept & Idea Validation

You already have wireframes and mockups for your app, that is great! Let us help you realize that to an Interactive Functional Prototype that will be able to showcase most of the features of your app without having to write a ton of code, saving time and money. Utilizing modern prototyping technologies, we are able to create an Interactive Prototype as close as one can get to the actual app.

  • Input: Interactive Wireframes
  • Deliverables: Interactive Functional Prototyping
  • Resources: Designer, Front End Developer, Back End Developer
  • Duration: 2-4 weeks
  • For companies on the Pre-Seed stage

MVP PHASE: Verifying Product-Market Fit.

Investors were impressed by your demos and prototypes, and now they want to see the thing actually work. We’ll help you develop your MVP and guide you through our mentoring. Our team of Designers, Developers, Engineers, as well as our automated and manual QA will help you execute and launch your MVP on time. Our team will help you refine your specification, inspect your design for any integration pain points and offer consultation to refine them, develop the app, and finally set up an automated QA workflow to ensure that everything works as they are supposed to.

  • Input: Interactive Wireframes or P.O.C.
  • Deliverables: Minimum Viable Product
  • Importance: Certifying Product-Market Fit and start creating Revenues
  • Estimated Duration: 1-6 months
  • For companies on the Pre-Seed stage


You’ve made it, Investors backed you up on realizing your dream. But now the actual hard part is releasing and scaling of your Product to the real world. We offer a full team of frontend and backend developers, design and specification analysis, manual and automated QA, DevOps pipeline setup, and service support from our Site Reliability Engineers.

  • Deliverables: Full Product
  • Resources: Full Team
  • Duration: 4-12 months
  • For companies at the Series A stage


The first version of the app is out, what’s next? Let’s discuss your new features together and plan how to incorporate them in the next releases. We offer a full team of frontend and backend developers, design and specification analysis, manual and automated QA, DevOps pipeline setup, and service support from our Site Reliability Engineers.

  • Deliverables: Constantly expanding product / features
  • Resources: Full Team
  • Duration: Ongoing
  • For companies on the Series B, C, D stages

EXTRA PHASE – The Rescue Kit!

Unfortunately many Startups although they have funding, they face significant existential challenges due to technology execution. Our team can provide emergency help:

  • Resourcing problems
  • Deadline challenges
  • Scaling Issues
  • Architectural Problems

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