The Morning Standup Ceremony

Some of us have our rituals that kickstart our days. For plenty of teams out there, their morning standup meeting has become just that. Since how you begin your day determines whether it will turn out to be a great day or not, a good standup meeting with your team will have positive effects.

What is it?

The purpose of this meeting is to frame the team’s endeavours for that day for everyone’s benefit. These meetings are typically held every single day at the same time, ideally at the start of the work day, and all team members are expected to attend. This meeting can be held at the same location or remotely via video.

You don’t really need to be standing up.

The morning standup is also known as the daily Scrum meeting, or just Scrum. I prefer using the phrase Stand Up, but just for variety I will be using all these terms interchangeably in this post.

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