MassiveGRID is a global cloud hosting provider that focuses on delivering streamlined high availability hosting solutions.

Framer is a company that builds next generation design tools for the web based in Netherlands.

Coiled helps the Data Science community build scalable, distributed, and intelligent applications powered by Python.

Securosys is a provider of hardware-based security solutions based in Switzerland.

Nevis is the Swiss market leader in Identity and Access Management. With its passwordless login solutions, the specialist in authentication protects the data of government authorities, service providers, and industrial companies all over the world. In addition to its headquarters in Zurich, Nevis operates offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Hungary.

Fundraising at the speed of AI.
Funden is an AI-powered toolkit that makes fundraising quick and easy with access to 500+ in-network VCs.

Omnia is a Web3 Marketplace for on-demand AR services that reduces the barrier of entry for businesses while extending the network of clients of AR Creators.

Releva is an All-in-one AI automation solution for eCommerce growth. The company provides a marketing automation platform that personalizes the website and the multichannel to increase conversion rates, average order values, customer lifetime values and leads to revenue growth with an amazing ROI.

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