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Governments and enterprises rely heavily on IT to drive efficiencies and increase client and citizen engagement. However, this reliance on IT leads to an increasing number of cyber attacks and data breaches, and numerous tough-to-manage risks and challenges.

7L SCT Product Series helps organizations keep data, processes and plans safe from malicious intent. SCT Products keep your employees safe regardless of how and where they are accessing confidential information from. We provide you with the infrastructure, technology and software to keep data safe while working from home, headquarters or an unfamiliar environment.

Our client portfolio includes government and international organizations, financial institutions, transportation, hospitality and industrial enterprises.

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Secure Crypto Technology

7L Security Solutions are based on Secure Crypto Technology (SCT), a unique security architecture, built on advanced technology, which provides a high level of security, integrity and availability.

SCT architecture defines the latest international standards and safeguards all transmitted information during communication and storage.

Access assets from any location and device without being exposed to their vulnerabilities.

SCT Features

SCT is developed entirely by 7L and consists of a series of interconnected modules that jointly provide a cyber security wall around all sensitive transmitted and stored information.

Its components include the following modules:

1. Encryption keys generated by intrinsically random key generation tools, stored in tamper-proof Hardware Security Modules (HSM) developed and produced by Securosys.

2. Linux based hardware design

3. AES-256 symmetric-key encryption algorithm

4. Full customer control of administrative procedures, to ensure operating responsibility remains with the customer.

SCT is designed to bypass intrinsic device vulnerabilities even while using them.

SCT Architecture Overview

7L SCT provides a fully integrated cyber security solution that meets the ever-increasing need for privacy and confidentiality within government, military and enterprise mobile communications.

7L SCT creates highly secure network tunnels over internet or any other private network (transit network). Using such a tunnel, any kind of transmission is safeguarded; protecting it from any kind of attempts to steal the transmitted information and assures confidentiality and privacy.

We deliver server, desktop, mobile and USB solutions with built-in, end-to-end and real-time encryption of all voice, chat, SMS, email, photos, and data file communications.

By utilizing trusted elliptical curve cryptography on top of a hardened OS running on a high quality device (smartphone, tablet or notebook) with modern hardware security features.

SCT Security Modules

7L SCT has been built with security in mind and continuously utilizes the latest technology. The security of 7L communication solutions is founded on four modules:

1. Secure Device: State-of-the-art technology

2. Hardened OS: Easy to use Android – custom ROM, no application store access

3. Advanced Cryptography: AES-256 cryptography

4. Customer Control: Infrastructure installed on client premises (Cloud hosting is optional)

5. Hardware Security Module: The foundation for digital trust, protecting your sensitive data. Learn more.

With these core cyber security modules you become capable to access and manage sensitive data and assets securely. 7L SCT and its infrastructure can be provided in modules or turn-key, with all software components delivered, installed, provisioned and serviced along with both administrator and end user support. Hardware can be supplied by the customer or delivered by 7L.

A-Player Partnerships

7L International has partnered with MassiveGRID and Securosys to perfect our end-to-end security solutions.

All services are accommodated on High-Availability Clusters, designed and operated by MassiveGRID, in leading-class Equinix data centers with a 100% uptime SLA.

Encryption is hardware-based and provided by Securosys, an expert in data protection and transmission based in Switzerland.


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